Age of Heroes: Conquest MOD APK Terbaru + Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Age of Heroes: Conquest MOD APK Terbaru + Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Age of Heroes: Conquest MOD APK Terbaru + Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Free Download Game Age of Heroes: Conquest MOD APK Terbaru + Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide | Hallo guys gimana kabarnya hari ini? Semoga masih dalam keadaan sehat wal'afiat ya. Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan membagikan sebuah game android mod apk terbaru, yang merupakan game berkategori Rolling Playing Game (RPG). yang di ciptakan oleh salah developer game android ternama yaitu 5th Planet Games yang sudah menciptakan sebuah game android terbaik salah satu nya adalah game Age of Heroes: Conquest APK ini. Tau gak sih bahwa Age of Heroes: Conquest APK ini baru rilis di tahun ini namun sudah menduduki posisi 5 pencarian terbanyak di playstore bersain dengan game android populer lainnya misalnya seperti Clash of Clans dan Clash Royale. Game Age of Heroes: Conquest APK Terbaru ini anda akan berjuang untuk bertahan hidup misalnya seperti mengumpulkan jarahan dan melengkapi koleksi pahlawan dalam RPG of the year! Menjadi Summoner utama yaitu dengan memanggil para juara untuk bergabung dalam pasukanmu untuk melawan Boss Monster. Selain itu anda juga bisa menguji keberanian dengan melawan pemain lain lewat PVP, dan pastinya adan akan mendapatkan pengalaman yang luar biasa di dalam sebuah pertempuran yang sangat menarik.

Age of Heroes: Conguest adalah sebuah game fantasy berbasis gilirian atau RPG, datang dari tim yang membawa kamu Dawn of The Dragon dan Curio Quest. Melawan musuh-musuh yang ingin mengambil alih tanah kita! Menggunakan setiap element dari kekuatan yang kamu miliki serta mengekploitasi kelemahan-kelemahan musuh untuk dapat memenangkan pertempuran! Age of Heroes: Conquest APK mirip seperti game berbasis RPG lainnya yang ada di playstore, jadi apapun yang kamu ketahui tentang genre game ini mungkin berlaku untuk permainan ini juga. Disini kami akan membantu anda dalam jika ada masalah mengenai Game Age of Heroes: Conguest beserta Cheat, tips dan trik panduan strategy. Menjaga Vulgore dalam partai kamu! Anda akan memulai dengan satu unit yaitu Vulgore, dia adalah seorang prajurit api. Dia memiliki demage yang biasa namun kelebihan yang dimilikinya adalah pertahanan dan kesehatan tingkat tinggi. Skill normalnya adalah bertahan, sehingga memungkinkan dia untuk melindungi salah satu sekutu dan mengambil demage di tempat mereka. Kemampuan dalam menggabungkan antara pertahanan dan kesehatan membuatnya menjadi karakter yang memiliki pertahanan tingkat tinggi. Perlu di perhatikan bahwa kamu harus menyertakan dia di dalam pasta anda, terutama di pada awal.

The Descripton of Age of Heroes : Conquest MOD APK

Period of Heroes: Conquest is a high dream turn-based RPG, originating from the group that brought you Dawn of the Dragon and Curio Quest. Battle fearsome foes as they endeavor to assume control over the land! Utilize the components further bolstering your good fortune, and adventure your adversaries' shortcomings! We're here to help you on your mission with our Age of Heroes: Conquest tricks, tips and traps technique control! 

Period of Heroes: Conquest resemble a great deal of other turn-construct RPGs in light of the application store, so anything you think about this kind presumably applies to this amusement also. In any case we have tips and traps to share, so here's our Age of Heroes: Conquest procedure control. 

1. Keep Vulgore in your gathering! 
One of your beginning units is Vulgore, a fire warrior. He bargains not too bad harm yet his most prominent resource is his high guard and wellbeing. His typical skilll is Defend, which permits him to shield one of your partners and assume harm in their position. This aptitude combined with his guard and wellbeing make him the ideal "tank" character, and you ought to dependably attempt to incorporate him in your gathering, particularly at an early stage. Your backline saints like Arlok and Shaide will fall effectively on the off chance that they're not ensured. Adversaries in this amusement love to target one saint and assault them perseveringly, so Vulgore's capacity is truly critical! 

2. Center fire! 
It's significantly more proficient to concentrate on bringing down one adversary than it is to spread your harm around. Regardless of the possibility that your present legend's component is great against one of alternate foes, once in a while it's ideal to simply heap on the harm on one adversary. Disposing of foes as quick as would be prudent is the name of the amusement here. Like we said above, adversaries are savage and will single out one of your saints, lamentably more often than not the one with the most minimal barrier and wellbeing. You can ease up the assault by diminishing adversary numbers as quick as possible. 

3. Bring the right party! 
We know this is a touch of sound judgment, however it's important to the point that it bears rehashing. It is fantastically imperative that you bring a gathering that is solid against the components of the adversaries you will go up against. On account of the previously mentioned center terminating the foes jump at the chance to do, if your saints are feeble to their component you will lose them VERY quick. A great deal of the mage-sort adversaries have spells that hit the whole party, and you will confront an aggregate gathering wipe in the event that you are not well arranged. 

4. Spare rubies for saint summons! 
The primary concern you ought to spare your rubies for are select summons, which cost 200 rubies for one force. The thing about this is you may not by any means get a legend when you pull – here and there you'll simply get saint shards. The x10 choice doesn't offer a "purchase ten get one free alternative" so you don't need to set something aside for that one. From the get-go we battled with specific levels basically in light of the fact that we didn't have the right components for our legends, so it's critical to develop your armed force. Rubies can be gained by: 
  • Finishing missions, day by day errands, and accomplishments. 
  • Acquiring enough stars on the story levels to open the Star Chest. 
  • Positioning in the PvP Gauntlet. The better your rank, the more rubies you'll acquire. 

5. Join an organization asap! 
You have entry to a great deal of treats in case you're in an organization. You can get to the Training Grounds which gives you a chance to purchase materials required for legend preparing. You can likewise get to the Trading Post where you can purchase irregular saint shards for gold. There's likewise the treasury, where you can gather some gold occasionally. So, there are excessively numerous points of interest to leave behind on, so discover a society (or make one yourself)! 

That is just for Age of Heroes: Conquest. On the off chance that you have some other tips or traps to share, leave a remark beneath!


Age of Heroes: Conquest MOD APK Terbaru + Cheats: Tips & Strategy

Age of Heroes: Conquest MOD APK Terbaru

Age of Heroes: Conquest MOD APK Terbaru cheat

Features :
  1. Solo the Campaign or become the star of PvP for Hours of Gameplay and Depth! 
  2. Customize and Upgrade your Party with epic gear!
  3. Test your mettle against other players in PvP! 
  4. Fight with your friends in challenging Guild Raids and Wars! 
  5. Experience an epic story with endless replayability!

What's New :
  1. Arena
  2. Fight with all of your heroes to climb the ranks
  3. Many fixes to problems we had with first run of the event
  4. Get Rubies every day with the Ruby Rewards from Market
  5. Treasury gold each day has been increased

Age of Heroes: Conquest Trailer #2

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